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EmojiWe may look for it on purpose or it may pop out all of the sudden, but it’s there, highlighting what we’re missing – a silver lining, a beautiful night, the end of a surprising afternoon. It’s time we spoke a bit about magic, since we’re all made of it and we need it in our life constantly. There’s nothing like magic to perfectly mend things and give a sheer sense of perpetual happiness, even if it lasts for  minutes.

We most frequently value the unexpected and search for a recipe to summon the magic yet once again.

I haven’t realized this until recent years, because it wasn’t something out of the ordinary, something out of the obvious, standing out in the midst of others, but I love to sit around with my family and telling stories while they’re going around their business.

My mom would always saw, my dad would read a book or do the crossword puzzles, my grandmother would knit and there was a sense of inner peace about the house and about all of house.
We would tell stories, I would ask questions and they would reply with descriptive long passages, filled with a few “thoughtful pieces of advice”.
You grow up and these moments become a part of who you are; despite the chaotic lifestyle, rushing, running, staying up late, there’s an inner serenity and order coming from the nice evenings spent at home. It’s cozy, comfy, it gives a sense of belonging and self-trust in a miraculous way.

Sure we need glitter and sparkles and magic. Sometimes these arrive from the most unexpected and unusual places: the ordinary.