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EmojiYes, I admit it: I’m a hippie deep inside, believer in happiness, love, nature and natural, in the course of life, communities, the bigger picture, free spirit and creativity, beauty of the universe and of each being. Not the extremes, but in a wide, down to Earth perspective: doing what feels natural and right, enjoying life and feeling love vibes.

I know excessive accessorizing may be overbearing, but sometimes it simply fits, it’s right, natural and your basic fun thing to do.
So I went with the flow and played around with a couple of rings –  some to entertain and run wild, others to focus and refresh.

  • Bright pink, azul, orange colors for fun, creative, free spirits;
  • Deep green and blue for refreshing for focused, thorough, big picture minds.

So enjoy it, my dears, do what’s right for you and find the tools to make that easier.
It may be accessories or something else, the important thing is not to waste any day.