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EmojiGoing to the theater/opera/ballet/classical concert performance ?
Here are the Dos and Don’ts



  • Dress nicely and always polish your shoes
  • Get flowers for the main entertainers if you like them dearly (optional)
  • Arrive in time
  • Leave your coat/umbrella at the wardrobe
  • Say hi to everyone you know and smile happily
  • Buy an agenda of the show if available
  • Place your phone on silent mode and don’t check it through out the show
  • Sit there comfortably and preferably as silent and still as possible; if you get terrible bored amuze yourself by looking at the people around you.
  • Enjoy and gaze through mesmerized, it’s an unique, quickly passing, once in a lifetime experience which will never repeat in the same way.
  • During the break take a stand out of the main hall and talk to other people about the show
  • Applaud when needed and when feeling like it, preferably in line with the show.

dorar1 DON’ts

  • Shout, yell, scream, scratch, sneeze, yawn out loud – basically disrupt the show
  • Record the show
  • Take pictures in the middle of the performance
  • Check your phone during the show/text.play a game
  • Eat something meanwhile
  • Wear sport shoes/slippers/short pants/t-shirts
  • Listen to your ipod music.

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