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I love travelling, ever since I was a baby I used to go with my parents and my grandparents everywhere. My first plane flight was at 9 months old, smiling all around and cheering to the crowd of stewardesses delighted of finally finding a non-crying baby.

I’m sharing with you some lessons learnt – in time and the hard way – about dressing up when travelling:

 Wear comfortable clothes, shoes, accessories. Nothing beats comfort when on a few (to longer) hours journey. It really doesn’t matter so awesome you look in a tight skirt,a pair of stretchy jeans or super high heels, your body will hate you after a while and it will not be afraid to show you.
 Comfortable doesn’t mean shabby or untidy. Try to wear clothes from fabrics that don’t wrinkle, so that you don’t end up looking like a pajama outfits.
 No matter the hours, the waiting, it’s best that you always look fresh. So pack accordingly to your journey conditions and get multifunctional pieces – random examples:
– don’t wear very thick cotton & wool T-shirts when travelling during summer time via bus/train.
– a large poncho can be a chic piece and also keep you warm in a plane or away from rain.

 Instead you can use chic accessories to spark up your comfy outfit: deco for your bag, bracelets, necklaces, brooches.
 Fabric jewelry easily passes security checks and it doesn’t hang heavy on your body. Wool & mohair jewelry to keep warm during winter and cotton or silk jewelry for easy breeze feeling in summer. It’s super light and doesn’t inconvenience you while sitting for hours in a chair.
 Match with a reasonable size bag – not too big to faint while carrying it, not too small for your essentials (moisturizer, a mirror, phone, keys, notepad & pen, a brush, a small bottle fragrance etc). And do get only…the essentials. 🙂

So have fun, travel bugs, and dress smart.